Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tabernacle Tent Coverings

Here are couple of issues I wanted to record:

First of all, Tabernacle Tent coverings were made out of organic materials (i.e goat's hair and leather) so it is unclear from the text how they keep the Coverings from naturally disintegrating. The logical assumption would be to assume that they would repair or even replace the Coverings when they would rip or wear off.

The second issue is a pitch to the roof which does not seem to provide adequate water runoff during rains. So I was wondering how this issue can be justified by the text and how wandering Hebrews addressed it.

Here is a picture of the Tabernacle roof. As you can see its not really flat but bending downward due to its own weight. Water would accumulate in these bendings.

Another issue is leveling the structure. Even small grade would prohibit Tabernacle erection. Most likely, they traveled from dry lake bed to dry lake bed, which are abundant in the deserts. This would allow them to have a relatively flat surface to setup the Tabernacle upon, and also enough space for the Camp.

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