Friday, January 8, 2016

Who wrote the Written Torah?

Let's take a look at who wrote the Written Torah. It is Exodus 24:12
YLT Ex 24:12 . And Jehovah saith unto Moses,  'Come up unto Me to the mount, and be there, and I give to thee the tables of stone, and the law, and the command, which I have written to direct them.'
As you can see, Moses received TWO things. Tablets of Stone with the 10 commandments on them. And LAW and COMMANDMENT which HE (God) wrote. Everything was written. There was nothing oral given to Moses.

So apparently Moses was in the possession of the scroll of the Torah that God Himself wrote. 

This fits well with my theory about messianic event, because it seems that the law gets so corrupted (as it is now) that it needs to be re-given every cycle, as well as the Tablets which are currently lost.

Please note that there is absolutely no mention of any other Torah like Jews claim. There is no concept or mentioning of the Oral Torah anywhere in the Written Torah. This is pure Rabbinic invention that only keeps most Orthodox Jews away from the Law of God.

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