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About Messiah and Messianic Age

First of all, the word "messiah" means "anointed one". Namely, anointed with the Holy Anointing Oil outlined in Exodus 30:23-33. 

There are only two references in the Written Torah. 
  1. Priestly "messiah" - Aaron - he is from the tribe of Levi, from the Priests(kohens). He must have four male children as well. See Exodus 29:4-7.
  2. The King (he is NOT a "messiah"). The king is said to be from the tribe of Judah. See Genesis 49:10. However, it is possible for a king to be from other tribes. Think Saul.
As far as I can tell, only the legitimate prophet of our God can anoint Priestly "messiah". Moses anointed Aaron for example.

PLEASE NOTE: The king is NOT allowed to be anointed with Holy Anointing oil. This is because Holy Anointing oil was reserved exclusevly for Priestly messiah, for Aaron and his sons.

As far as Messianic age goes, Torah mentions several things. Let's take a look:
YLT Gn 22:16 and saith,  'By Myself I have sworn--the affirmation of Jehovah--that because thou hast done this thing, and hast not withheld thy son, thine only one-- 
YLT Gn 22:17 that blessing I bless thee, and multiplying I multiply thy seed as stars of the heavens, and as sand which is on the sea-shore; and thy seed doth possess the gate of his enemies; 
YLT Gn 22:18 and blessed themselves in thy seed have all nations of the earth, because that thou hast hearkened to My voice.'
When Abraham passed the test of God, God said to him that in his seed (Hebrews) all nations of the earth will be blessed. This means that eventually all earth will worship Yahuah as one and only God and follow His Written Torah as the only law of human beings. This blessing is repeated in other places as well. I.e Genesis 26:4, Genesis 28:14.

The book of Deuteronomy says that at the end, Hebrews will be gathered again into the land of Canaan and will live there according to the Written Torah(Deut 30:10):
YLT Dt 30:1 .  'And it hath been, when all these things come upon thee, the blessing and the reviling, which I have set before thee, and thou hast brought them back unto thy heart, among all the nations whither Jehovah thy God hath driven thee away, 
YLT Dt 30:2 and hast turned back unto Jehovah thy God, and hearkened to His voice, according to all that I am commanding thee to-day, thou and thy sons, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul-- 
YLT Dt 30:3 then hath Jehovah thy God turned back to thy captivity, and pitied thee, yea, He hath turned back and gathered thee out of all the peoples whither Jehovah thy God hath scattered thee. 
YLT Dt 30:4  'If thine outcast is in the extremity of the heavens, thence doth Jehovah thy God gather thee, and thence He doth take thee; 
YLT Dt 30:5 and Jehovah thy God hath brought thee in unto the land which thy fathers have possessed, and thou hast inherited it, and He hath done thee good, and multiplied thee above thy fathers. 
YLT Dt 30:6  'And Jehovah thy God hath circumcised thy heart, and the heart of thy seed, to love Jehovah thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, for the sake of thy life;
As you can see, this is yet to come to pass. We are currently living in exile and under a Deuteronomic curse. Once it is fulfilled, Hebrews will be gathered again. 

As far as I understand, Torah is the eternal law that never changes. This means that story of Moses repeats itself. This means that all events recorded in the Torah approximately from Abraham to the death of Moses are repeating every once in a while. Meaning, that at some point in the future, a man will arise who will lead Hebrews from the slavery of Mizraim, and who will gather them and bring them back to the land of Canaan, with God's help and authority.

According to the Torah events, Priestly "messiah" (Aaron) comes first, and only then King "messiah" comes. This also means that the Tabernacle must be restored.

Recent technological advances are a sign that Messianic event and age is close. It may not happen within our lifetime but within next 200-300 years for sure IMHO.

Such theory of recurrence of the story of Moses can be verified by simple calculation of Genesis timeline. According to the plain summation of all people, timelines mentioned in Genesis genealogies and in the Torah would put the creation of the world at ~4000 BC. This is obviously not true because there is undisputed scientific evidence that the Earth is much older than that. This means that story of Moses repeated many times before and Torah and humanity is much older than traditional 6000 years belief. Written Torah is probably millions of years old IMHO.

P.S. Belief in Moshiach in its colloquial definition is not in the Written Torah. So do not believe those who tell you to wait for him because he will NEVER COME !!! IT IS UP TO US TO FULFILL THE JOB OF MOSHIACH !!!

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