Thursday, February 25, 2016

How do we know that God exists?

This is more of a beginner's post. I just want to cover the basics and discuss how do we know that God is real and that God exists.

First of all, science has proven that everything came out of one source (a singularity) of infinite attributes (mass, size, temperature, e.t.c). This is a famous Big Bang theory, which has been accepted by most scientists today. And it confirms that there is only one God who created everything.

Here are some facts from the Written Torah:

  1. Name of God (Yahuah) means literally "Existing one". It seems that God wants to underline most that He exists. His other attributes, such as mercy, jealousy, e.t.c are not mentioned in His name.
  2. God is perfect, so He must exist because existence is one attributes of perfection by definition.
  3. There are no other gods. They are not real and they do not exist. Only we make them real, which is why it is prohibited by the 2nd commandment. Please see Deuteronomy 4:28.
  4. Existence of God is pretty much axiomatic. It can't be denied by any more of less rational person. The difficulty is not to believe in existence of God... the difficulty is to BELIEVE GOD, meaning trusting what He gives you, obeying His Written Torah and commandments ,e.t.c Please see my other post on the subject. Please also see my video lecture on the subject.
  5. The Law of God is obviously Written Torah. God couldn't have not leave some kind of instruction manual to life - this would make some people go crazy. Written Torah provides all important answers about God, His existence, how, why, e.t.c. Written Torah is pure science (as in observations of the world) which is why it is very important not to confuse the Law of God with the rest of the Bible, which are simply works of men.
  6. The only dwelling of One God is Tabernacle (Mishkan). Written Torah never mentions any temples and explicitly states many times that Tabernacle is forever. Levites are also to serve in the Tabernacle forever and all the artefacts of the Tabernacle are never allowed to be "taken to some temple".
I hope this has convinced you that God indeed exists, and Yahuah is the only, ONE, true God. And Tabernacle (Mishkan) is His ONLY dwelling place.

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