Friday, February 26, 2016

My Hi-poly and Lo-poly 3D models of the Tabernacle (Mishkan)

I've decided to release to the public some of my Hi-Poly and Lo-Poly 3D models of the Tabernacle and its artefacts. 

The files are still bearing my copyright and I am only releasing them for non-commercial and educational use. If you want to use these models in commercial project, please contact me to discuss royalty. 

However, because these models can help many people to better understand Written Torah and Tabernacle, I've decided to make it available. These are exact models that I use on this blog to create images for my posts.

Here are the links:

All models were created with Blender 3D. I used older version(2.48-49 I think) which is why some files may not display properly and some things may not work. Otherwise, the files should open and export fine from any version of Blender.

I hope you will enjoy these models. Thank you.

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