Thursday, February 4, 2016

Value of a Cubit

This is more of an informative post, since most of you know what the cubit is and how much is it. But I wanted to summarize and add a few points.

Cubit or Amah (אמה) is first mentioned in Genesis 6:16. Mostly, cubit is important for Tabernacle construction.

Torah defines all units of measurements based on the human body or other biological measurements. Omer, for example, is defined as a handfuls (also a human body measurement).

So is cubit, is the length of the forearm(from the tip of the elbow to the tip of the middle finger):

Cubit is a variable constant and varies from person to person and between genders and ages.

Tabernacle was probably based on a cubit of Moses, Bezalel or Aaron. 

Google defines cubit as 18 inches. I checked, and my cubit is 18.5 inches (I am 5' 11") and my female friend's cubit is 16.5 inches.

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