Sunday, February 28, 2016

Who the Torah was written for?

I just wanted elaborate more about who the Torah was written for and its interpretation.

Torah was written for WISE, RATIONAL and REASONABLE people. 
Not idiots or religious fanatics.

This means that Torah is not going to explain absolutely everything. We are not robots and Torah is not some computer software. We are human, a higher beings, so we are perfectly capable of understanding those parts of the Torah that are not explicitly stated. 

For example, let's take Deuteronomy 12:21:
YLT Dt 12:21 'When the place is far from thee which Jehovah thy God doth choose to put His name there, then thou hast sacrificed of thy herd and of thy flock which Jehovah hath given to thee, as I have commanded thee, and hast eaten within thy gates, of all the desire of thy soul;
As you can see, the way we should actually kill the animal is not listed. Orthodox Jews claim it is a proof of their "oral torah". And I say, it just means that we are to kill the animal in a most humane manner possible. More specifically, right now we have the technology to stun animals before slaughter, so I think Torah means that we should use it, as opposed to fully manual (traditional) way of slaughter.

As you can see, unlike Orthodox Jews, normal people would not even think twice to make up something like that from one unrelated word and verse. This is what I mean, when I say that there has to be a certain degree of rationality and reason in the interpretation process.

Orthodox Jews further claim, that this verse is proof of "oral torah" since if the method of killing is not specified in the Written Torah, it must mean that there was some other torah (an oral one).

This is, of 'course, a preposterous statement because how one word can mean an entire concept? How one obscure word in the obscure verse almost at the end of the book can mean anything but what its plain meaning is? 

Of'course it can't! This word and verse is not a proof of any torah. This verse just states to do the ritual according to the rules outlined in the beginning of the book and kill the animal in the most humane way possible.

This is what I mean by Torah was written for WISE, RATIONAL AND REASONABLE people, who would not require an explanation for everything single thing and can think for themselves.

PLEASE NOTE: That even though Written Torah was given to Hebrews, it is applicable to every single human being on this planet. Yes, some rituals and commandments reserved specifically for Hebrews, but other nations and other people are also required to observe these laws and commandments. Torah states numerous times in Genesis that all nations of the earth will be blessed because of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This means that eventually, all nations and all people of the earth will come together and worship the same God and practice the same laws.

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