Monday, February 8, 2016

Written Torah Hebrew names for days and months of the year

Traditional English names for days of the week and months of the year contain names of other Gods and therefore should not be pronounced (Exodus 23:13). So how do we call days and months? Torah, of'course, provides the answer.

Hebrew Names of Days of the Week:
  1. Yom Echad - Day One - Genesis 1:5
  2. Yom Sheni - Day Second - Genesis 1:8
  3. Yom Shlishi - Day Third - Genesis 1:13
  4. Yom Revii - Day Forth.- Genesis 1:19
  5. Yom Chamishi - Day Fifth - Genesis 1:23
  6. Yom HaShishi - Day The Sixth - Genesis 1:31
  7. Yom HaShvii - Day The Seventh - Genesis 2:3 / Yom HaShabat - Day of The Rest - Exodus 20:8
Hebrew Names of Months of the Year:
  1. Chodesh HaRishon - Month The First - Leviticus 23:5 / Chodesh HaAviv - Month of The Ripening - Exodus 13:4
  2. Chodesh HaSheni - Month The Second - Genesis 7:11
  3. Chodesh HaShlishi - Month The Third - Exodus 19:1
  4. Not Listed, Most likely Chodesh HaRevii - Month The Forth
  5. Chodesh HaChamishi - Month The Fifth - Numbers 33:38
  6. Not Listed, Most likely Chodesh HaShishi - Month The Sixth
  7. Chodesh HaShvii - Month The Seventh - Genesis 8:4
  8. Not Listed, Most likely Chodesh HaShmini - Month The Eighth
  9. Not Listed, Most likely Chodesh HaTshiit - Month The Ninth
  10. Chodesh HaAsiri - Month The Tenth - Genesis 8:5
  11. Ashtey Asar Chodesh - One Ten Month - Deuteronomy 1:3
  12. Not Listed, Most likely Shtem Esreh Chodesh - Two Ten Month
  13. Not Sure. Most likely Shlosh Esreh Chodesh - Three Ten Month. Sometimes there is a 13th Month in Lunar Shabbat calendar system. We add 13th month if spring equinox falls on the 1st month. Secondary sign is if barley/wheat is not ripe by the time 12th Month ends. I am not sure yet how to explain this addition by the text. 
Days of the Month are pronounced in the similar fashion. For example, day 27th would be Yom Shiveah VeEsrim - Day Seven And Twenty - Genesis 8:14. Same with years.

To avoid pronouncing names of deities in English, you can say that today (02/08/2016) is 8th day of the Month instead of saying day of the week, or you can say it in Hebrew - Yom HaShmini (Day The Eighth). Or you can simply write/say the full date (02/08/2016).

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