Saturday, March 5, 2016

About Alcoholism and Addiction

Subject of drugs(especially, organic drugs) is very dear to me so I want to provide you a different point of view on this problems. Unfortunately, I've encountered many cases like this in my life so I speak from deep experience. 

Let's take a look at Deuteronomy 21:18-21
YLT(corrected) Dt 21:18 'When a man hath a child apostatizing and rebellious--he is not hearkening to the voice of his father, and to the voice of his mother, and they have chastised him, and he doth not hearken unto them-- 
YLT Dt 21:19 then laid hold on him have his father and his mother, and they have brought him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place, 
YLT(corrected) Dt 21:20 and have said unto the elders of his city, Our child--this one--is apostatizing and rebellious; he is not hearkening to our voice--a glutton and drunkard; 
YLT Dt 21:21 and all the men of his city have stoned him with stones, and he hath died, and thou hast put away the evil out of thy midst, and all Israel do hear and fear.
First of all, these verses speak about both sons and daughters. Traditional translation is not correct.

Secondly, this verse implies that if you have a son or a daughter who is apostatizing(against God, Torah and everything good), rebellious and who is an alcoholic/addict (yes, drugs too) and/or a glutton, you have to put such person to death by stoning.

Alcoholism and Addiction is only a problem when it is becomes one's goal in life. When a person ONLY consumes alcohol or drugs ALL DAY LONG AND does not want to do anything else or anything productive, he is the real alcoholic/addict, who Torah commands to eradicate.

Such people are BAD people, who only destroy their own life, lives of those around them and lives of those who love them. Such people rarely change back and become normal again. They are true selfish parasites of society who need to be eliminated like cockroaches. There is nothing good about those people at all. Never have compassion toward them.

Please note VERY IMPORTANT fact! If your son or daughter are using alcohol or drugs, BUT they are responsible or at least trying to do other important/good things in life, THEY ARE NOT ALCOHOLICS or ADDICTS!!! DO NOT CONFUSE TEENAGER'S CURIOSITY or REAL PROBLEMS/ILLNESS with REAL Alcoholism or Addiction. If your son or daughter not apostatizing and rebellious, you should allow them to drink/use drugs, and, in case with addicts, maybe even help them financially due to the senseless prohibition that make drugs prohibitively expensive for chronic user who may really,truly need it. So before judging those people and calling them Alcoholics/Addicts (which is a capital offence in Torah), TRY TO ASK THEM WHY THEY DRINK or USE!!! They may tell you something you did not know. And addiction to drugs is usually due to mental illness of some kind, so such people are simply ill people and NOT addicts. And they simply need drugs to survive and feel normal (not high or wasted, like true addicts want), just like person with diabetes needs insulin. Please tell me, how insulin injections are different from heroin injections? There is absolutely no difference!

For example, if a person is working full-time, but then comes home and wants to smoke a joint (or other drugs), what exactly is the problem? Of'corse there is none! Most parents usually have a problem with children over drugs DUE TO COST (not due to addiction itself). If drugs would cost as much as alcohol or cigarettes, most parents of such children would not care.

So, as you can see, Torah does not prohibit drinking or use of drugs (especially organic ones that it calls food). Torah is only against true alcoholics or addicts who do not contribute anything to society and only want to stay drunk or high all day long.

I hope I explained the issue clearly. If anyone has questions, please do ask. Thank you.

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