Saturday, March 19, 2016

Best software for Torah study

I wanted to share with you a little secret. The reason why I am so good with Torah is that I use special software that helps me figure out the meaning of the words.

I stated all software I use on this page, but I specifically want to point out the best software, as I think not many people read my page. I've been using this software for over 10 years.

This is the best, FREE software to study the Torah and the Bible in general. This software includes NK and NT. However, the most useful is the Torah part of course.

This software has the best layout and search capabilities of all Bible software available and makes Torah study intuitive and easy.

Unfortunately, new version of this software was released with limited features, so if you do not like it, download the old version.

Also, I recommend downloading another free Bible study software. It is called The Word. The reason why you want to download is that it includes very cheap but very good Hebrew Lexicon. It is only (~$25) This will help you to study parts of speech (i.e verbs). For example, it will tell you in what gender words are being used, which sometimes may affect the meaning of the text. So it is important to know grammar well.

I hope this software will help you become a great Torah scholar or at least a knowledgeable person. This software will also help you to save a lot of money by sparing you the need to buy expensive and less functional software packages.

And of'course, do not forget that so-called rabbis and talmidei DO NOT use the software for Torah study, so you can imagine how little they really know about the Torah. Without computers, more or less serious study of the Torah is impossible. Which only proves my point that rabbis are uneducated and ignorant people, who are misleading people in Torah and God.

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