Thursday, March 31, 2016

Does Iran want to destroy Israel?

The answer is - NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT !!!

When I was studying Iranian nomads and their tent technology(see my old posts) in Iran, I got a chance to watch Iranian state TV. It was mostly propaganda, of'course, but what struck me as most interesting is that when they talked about "destroying Israel", they never actually said that!

What they said on all their TV channels is that they want to destroy ZIONISM and ZIONISTS, not Israel or Jews/Hebrews. They NEVER said a word "Israel" or "Jews/Hebrews". This is either a propaganda or some really bad misunderstanding.

Judaism is one of the officially recognized religions in Iran. There are synagogues and Jews there right now. So it would be strange if they would say they want to kill their own Jews and if they would go against their own constitution, which acknowledges Judaism.

Not to mention that Iran is a Biblical land, so it would be strange if they would want to destroy their own treasures which are tightly connected to Jews and Judaism.

I just hear this stupid lie (that Iran wants to destroy Israel) and I get very upset and angry that they say that. Not that Iran is a saint, but they most certainly not some religious fanatics over there. They want to live in peace just like us.

And yes, Zionism and Zionists must be stopped. They are fascists who give good Jews and Hebrews very bad name. I absolutely agree with Iran on this.

This post is to clear up this whole misunderstanding...

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