Saturday, March 19, 2016

Extreme Marital Advice

I wanted to share a very interesting relationship technique with male part of my audience, that will help you control your relationship and preserve your role and status as the head of the relationship/family.

Before I begin, please note that this is the "medication" of last resort so to speak so do not use it unless there is no other reasonable choice.

Please also be aware that article is using rather harsh language, so if you are a woman and/or easily offended, please do not read further. This post is directed at men, who can handle it.

It began around 10 years ago, when I only started studying Torah. I saw this video on Youtube, which back then was just a new baby video-sharing site.

In this video, this Imam is describing what a man has to use to control his wife. Please see the video, it is very interesting.

Basically, consider the situation: you are having a horrible argument with your wife or your girlfriend is one of those neurotic/crazy women who like constant drama in the relationship. Imagine, that during said argument your wife/girlfriend hits you in the testicles. What a man can do in such situation and what would be appropriate response?

Well, first of all, you should never let something like this slide. If you allow your woman to control the relationship and use force when she is in disagreement with you, you are inviting big trouble if not destroying your relationship by being soft.

Secondly, in such situations, words do not work. So do not waste your time trying to talk it out.

The best thing to do in such situation is to SPANK YOUR WOMAN!!! 
Yes, I know, pretty extreme. ;)

This works best. I personally tried such remedy in my relationships twice and it worked greate every time. After a good spanking my women would start behaving and would stop using force to solve the arguments.

The most important part here is HOW YOU DO IT!!! We do not want to hurt the woman in any way or humiliate her. This Imam is not correct when he said to use a stick. If you use any object to hit your woman - it is assault and here in US at least you may get into big trouble.


When you got hit in the balls, grab that crazy woman and spank her, ON THE ASS, with your open palm, as hard as you can. DO NOT SPANK TOO MUCH. UP TO 5 is ok, more - she may get humiliated. 2-3 is optimal. And if she calls someone (i.e police) - who cares? Is she gonna show her read spanked ass to them? I do not think so! :) Lol. That never happened to me. I never had any problems. Besides, you spank a little child who is misbehaving. Is this assault or child abuse? Of'course not. So is this - its not assault or abuse - it is domination. Do not be violent or agressive - be DOMINANT!!! YOU ARE A MAN!!!

Today's women of my generation, especially secular ones, are pretty much completely insane and out of control. So do not be afraid. Show that you have balls and spank her to show her who is the boss!

We can't have two people running a family or relationship. This is not democracy. A man should lead and a woman should follow. This is the most natural way and the way prescribed in the Torah. This is not chauvinism or patriarchy. This is wisdom and reason.

For example, here is explicit advice from the Torah on what to do when a woman forgets about her status, role and place, and starts to dominate the relationship.
YLT Deuteronomy 25:11 'When men strive together, one with another, and the wife of the one hath drawn near to deliver her husband out of the hand of his smiter, and hath put forth her hand, and laid hold on his secrets, 
YLT Deuteronomy 25:12 then thou hast cut off her hand, thine eye doth not spare.

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