Thursday, March 17, 2016

Important Information: About OTD people

I wanted to warn you about OTD people. 

OTD means "Off The Derech", a term that is applied to (ultra)orthodox Jews who left their faith due to rabbinic abuse and nonsense. I originally thought that they are like me, rejecting rabbinic authority but still believing in the Torah. However, this turned out to be not the case. 

Here is what they said in their Facebook group:
"OTD means "Off The Derech", and though there is a range of beliefs and practices, in general OTDs do not believe in the divine origin of the Torah, or in the existence of God, and are not interested in observing its commandments (though many do for social reasons). Many are still interested intellectually in Torah (in the broad sense, including both Scripture and rabbinic writings), which is what this group is for."
As you can see, they are not really Jews, as defining feature of the Jew is the belief in the Written Torah in some way at least. Not to mention that as you can see from above, they still studying rabbinic writings, which means that they are still under the influence of the rabbis.

The biggest mistake OTDs people make is rejecting Written Torah and God. Otherwise, they are correct in their beliefs and many of them are much more rational that traditional Jews.

But they are not like me, so do not listen to what they say. They still preaching rabbinic judaism, or worse - an atheism.

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