Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Best Online Dating Advice

If you are using online dating, this post is for you. You probably do not know what I am about to propose to you, so read on.

The best way to find someone who will likely respond is to look for people who are ONLINE RIGHT NOW. Do not waste your time sending messages to people who are off-line. They may never come back, so send your messages to people currently online.

Most web sites support sorting according to activity and allow you to see who is online right now. So, open a chat and start talking to your match. Be polite and nice and you will most likely get a response.

I found writing and engaging in chat with those who are online is more efficient than just sending messages to offline people.

Right now, the best online dating web site is this one. Can't pronounce/write it because it has a name of a deity in it. Otherwise, I would recommend only this site. The prices for premium membership are also very reasonable.

I hope this simple advice will get you a match of your life. :)

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