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About Incest and Pedophilia

This is rather a touchy and sensitive subject, so please keep an open-mind...

Let's start with Incest first. Let's take a look:
YLT Gen 5:3 And Adam liveth an hundred and thirty years, and begetteth a son in his likeness, according to his image, and calleth his name Seth. 
YLT Gen 5:4 And the days of Adam after his begetting Seth are eight hundred years, and he begetteth sons and daughters.
As you know, there were no humans before Adam and Chava. So an obvious conclusion that we can come to is that Cain and Seth procreated through incest, namely with Adam's daughters. It is very interesting that Torah avoids talking about it. However, it implies just that very strongly. Does this mean that incest is allowed? Of'course not! But it means that in the situation when there are no other alternatives to preserve human race, anything goes. This is not applicable now because we have been given the Torah, but otherwise there is no restrictions for life's sake. So, for example, if we would send 2 humans to colonise a planet, they can use incest to procreate. This would be practical application of this knowledge.

Obviously, Torah prohibits incest in any other situation. Let's take a look:
YLT Lev 18:6  'None of you unto any relation of his flesh doth draw near to uncover nakedness; I am Jehovah. 
YLT Lev 18:7  'The nakedness of thy father and the nakedness of thy mother thou dost not uncover, she is thy mother; thou dost not uncover her nakedness. 
YLT Lev 18:8  'The nakedness of the wife of thy father thou dost not uncover; it is the nakedness of thy father. 
YLT Lev 18:9  'The nakedness of thy sister, daughter of thy father, or daughter of thy mother, born at home or born without; thou dost not uncover their nakedness. 
YLT Lev 18:10  'The nakedness of thy son's daughter, or of thy daughter's daughter: thou dost not uncover their nakedness; for theirs is thy nakedness. 
YLT Lev 18:11  'The nakedness of a daughter of thy father's wife, begotten of thy father, she is thy sister; thou dost not uncover her nakedness. 
YLT Lev 18:12  'The nakedness of a sister of thy father thou dost not uncover; she is a relation of thy father. 
YLT Lev 18:13  'The nakedness of thy mother's sister thou dost not uncover; for she is thy mother's relation. 
YLT Lev 18:14  'The nakedness of thy father's brother thou dost not uncover; unto his wife thou dost not draw near; she is thine aunt.
YLT Lev 18:15  'The nakedness of thy daughter-in-law thou dost not uncover; she is thy son's wife; thou dost not uncover her nakedness.
YLT Lev 18:16  'The nakedness of thy brother's wife thou dost not uncover; it is thy brother's nakedness. 
YLT Lev 18:17  'The nakedness of a woman and her daughter thou dost not uncover; her son's daughter, and her daughter's daughter thou dost not take to uncover her nakedness; they are her relations; it is wickedness.
Notice the word "flesh" in the beginning (Lev 18:6). This means that sexual relations with one's children are also prohibited, even though never explicitly stated. 

Please note that it is possible to have sexual relations with one's cousins and other far relatives. This is not considered incest by the Torah. 

Interestingly enough, Torah speak about history of incest and its role in humanity's history. Let's take a look:
YLT Gn 19:30 . And Lot goeth up out of Zoar, and dwelleth in the mountain, and his two daughters with him, for he hath been afraid of dwelling in Zoar, and he dwelleth in a cave, he and his two daughters. 
YLT Gn 19:31 And the first-born saith unto the younger,  'Our father is old, and a man there is not in the earth to come in unto us, as is the way of all the earth; 
YLT Gn 19:32 come, we cause our father to drink wine, and lie with him, and preserve from our father--a seed.' 
YLT Gn 19:33 And they cause their father to drink wine on that night; and the first-born goeth in, and lieth with her father, and he hath not known in her lying down, or in her rising up. 
YLT Gn 19:34 And it cometh to pass, on the morrow, that the first-born saith unto the younger,  'Lo, I have lain yesterday-night with my father: we cause him to drink wine also to-night, and go thou in, lie with him, and we preserve from our father--a seed.' 
YLT Gn 19:35 And they cause their father to drink wine on that night also, and the younger riseth and lieth with him, and he hath not known in her lying down, or in her rising up. 
YLT Gn 19:36 And the two daughters of Lot conceive from their father, 
YLT Gn 19:37 and the first-born beareth a son, and calleth his name Moab; he is father of Moab unto this day; 
YLT Gn 19:38 as to the younger, she also hath born a son, and calleth his name Ben-Ammi: he is father of the Beni-Ammon unto this day.
So, as you can see, the father of all inbreds and pedophiles was Lot. Lot was neither, but because of what his daughters did, he was not entitled to be blessed by God as Abraham was. Moreover, Lot became the father of two incestous and pedophilic nations, namely Moab and Amon. If you will look in my Interlinear Pentateuch, in Genesis 19:37-38, you will see that "Moab" means "from a father" and Ben-Ammi means "child of incest" or "inbred". These two are both definition for incest and pedophilia. So Torah basically says that there were two nations that practiced these things. At the end of days, at the messianic event, we will see these two nations again. They are already getting reborn as I will explain below...

But before I do, I want to finish with Moab and Amon...
YLT Deut 23:3  'An Ammonite and a Moabite doth not enter into the assembly of Jehovah; even a tenth generation of them doth not enter into the assembly of Jehovah--to the age; 
YLT Deut 23:4 because that they have not come before you with bread and with water in the way, in your coming out from Egypt, and because he hath hired against thee Balaam son of Beor, of Pethor of Aram-Naharaim, to revile thee; 
YLT Deut 23:5 and Jehovah thy God hath not been willing to hearken unto Balaam, and Jehovah thy God doth turn for thee the reviling to a blessing, because Jehovah thy God hath loved thee; 
YLT Deut 23:6 thou dost not seek their peace and their good all thy days--to the age.
These verses mean that Moabite child (child from a father) or Ammonite child (child of incestous relationship) may not be ever Hebrew or considered one. 

What is interesting in this passage that Incest and Pedophilia seemingly not mentioned as the reason for a curse, which is surprising considering the severity of the crime. Perhaps it was to allow situations as Adam and Chava... 

Anyway, it took me a while to figure it out, but I did it. The answer is in v. 4-5, namely that they were too selfish(did not greet/help fleeing Hebrews) and hateful (hired Balaam to seduce Hebrews). So as you can see, the crime of Incest and Pedophilia is usually due to selfishness and hate in those who commit it. Pretty obvious I think...

Now, about Pedophilia...

Torah obviously prohibits pedophilia. Usually because it involves incest or prostitution of some sort. In other words, most pedophiles are related to their victims or use their victims purely for personal, one way pleasure, without consideration for the child.

At the same time, Torah age-of consent is 13 for boys and when period starts for girls. If you having sex with someone that age or older, this would not be considered pedophilia according to the Torah laws. Even in the United States the laws are pretty uneven. For example, in many states like Washington or Vermont (or many others) the age of consent is 16, yet here in California age of consent is 18. Why am I a pedophile in California, yet law abiding citizen in Vermont? Obviously because age of consent in US is not based on anything, thus the problems. Torah does not have that issue as I explained above.

However, Torah is very just. There is a form of pedophilia that Torah allows. It is pedophilia for the purpose of marriage and creation of the family. This is colloquially known as "child bride". Torah, of'course, assumes that it would be a last resort solution and otherwise does not encourage or support that kind of relationships. But it is permissible under Torah law. There is no direct prohibition against sex with children, although it is implied in a way that I explained.

Otherwise, Torah considers pedophilia either incest or a form of prostitution, both of which are prohibited.

Lastly, I want to explain couple of things about pedophilia. This is by no mean a defence of pedophilia - just a statement of pure facts.
  • Peodphilia is ok for the purpose of marriage and creation of the family. Otherwise Torah clearly prohibits it. Such cases are extremely rare and do not apply to most pedophiles.
  • Most pedophiles do not harm children. Child rape is very rare, thank God, even among pedophiles.
  • Most children consent to sex with a pedophile. Once again, child rape is rare and any child is perfectly capable of consenting to sexual relations, albeit perhaps without complete awareness of consequences.
  • The main reason why pedophilia is the problem today are the modern women. Many men find today's women too promiscuous for them, so they turn to those who have that innocence they are looking for - to children. Not to mention that current witch-hunt and misunderstanding only makes pedophiles more desperate and force them commit more serious crimes.
  • It is ok to have pedosexual fantasies and desires. Pedosexual fantasy, pedosexual desires or even pedosexual orientation is not a crime. Just like with homosexuality, according to the Torah it only becomes a problem when you are doing it, not when you are thinking about it. So if you have pedo thoughts - it is ok. But do not let them consume you and make you act upon them. Remember that it is better to masturbate to some free child pornography on the internet than to actually go and destroy a life of an innocent child. Is five seconds of pleasure (that you can get by yourself or with adult woman) worth ruining someone's life??? I hope not! 
  • Easiest way to cure pedophilic urges and thoughts is either through masturabation or through consensual sex with an adult woman. Most people who engage in sex with children are not natural born pedophiles and can be reformed just like most homosexuals. Once again, it is about what you do, not about what you think or feel!
So as you can see, Torah prohibits almost all forms of incest and pedophilia, however there are permitted exceptions. So please be open-minded when you judging someone. Torah is absolutely just, so there is no need to label exceptions from these rules as criminal. However, I absolutely agree with most people and the Torah that in most cases Incest and Pedophilia are very bad and are prohibited.

I hope this clarifies this rather sensitive issue.

P.S. Jewish fairy-tale that Isaac married Rebecca when she was 3 is pathetic and wrong. Genesis clearly states that Rebecca could carry water jars and water the flock, so it means that she was at-least a teenager. Also, Torah says that Isaac was 40 when he took Rebekah, yet he only had children when he was 60, so there was ample time to wait even if Rebecca was underage. Once again, Jewish tradition perverts and screws up everything. Not to mention that Talmud allows sex with 3 years olds without any clarification ,which is a recipe to disaster and perhaps the cause of this horrible sexual abuse scandal that currently ravages in (ultra)orthodox communities. Read for details.

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