Friday, April 15, 2016

Best way to deal with Psychosis, Anxiety and Depression

Here are the results of my research into efficacy of the organic psychoactive drugs. Everything is very simple:
  1. Take your chemical drugs prescribed to you by the doctor. It is ok to mix them. However, sometimes they may interact so check your prescription information. For example, benzodiazepines(Xanax, Tenazepam e.t.c) do not mix well with Poppies. 
  2. Do not drink alcohol. Quit if you can. If you must drink, at least take alcohol separately and do not mix it with Marijuana, Poppies.
  3. For Depression take Marijuana,orally or in smoked form, as needed.
  4. For Psychosis and/or Anxiety take Opium Poppy. Orally only, as needed.I recommend Poppy Pod Tea.
  5. You can take both substances together if you have both depression and psychosis. 
So, if you happen to have depression and/or psychosis or know someone who does, be sure to try these two natural remedies. They are easily available and 100% safe. It is food, as Genesis 1:29 clearly states, so please do not demonize otherwise beneficial substances.

The reason why I recommend these substances is because chemical medications have very bad side-effects, so Marijuana and Poppy will help with that significantly. Most mentally ill people do not take prescribed meds because of the side-effects. Most psychiatrists seem to ignore this problem.

Another reason why I recommend these substances is because Antidepressants and Antipsychotics may not be enough to deal with severe depression and psychosis, so these organic supplements will help greatly.

Please note that this is advice for those who are not clinical and who are stable and disciplined. This advice may not work for people with hospital grade depression and/or psychosis. In such situations more powerful hallucinogens and depressants may be needed. Unfortunately, I do not deal with chemical drugs, so I can only speak for organic drugs that I have studied and researched.

The only downside in using Marijuana and Poppy is that it is expensive, so not all people can afford it. Which is why I am absolutely in favor of controlled and regulated legalization of the all organic drugs. This war on drugs craziness got to stop.

Do you know that humanity never experienced such a huge rise in mental illness??? The reason why we have so many people suffering from it is that we have took away natural remedies for people to heal themselves mentally. When organic drugs were legal 100 years ago, there were no so many problems with mental health. Marijuana, Poppy and other organic drugs are natural mental illness remedies!!! I absolutely disagree with many psychiatrists who think that organic drugs are in any way dangerous to human (mental)health, especially when we are talking about oral consumption.

Anyway, here are my thoughts and results of my experiments. If you know someone who is suffering from psychosis/anxiety or depression, let them know this life-saving information. At this time these are the only available medicines to help with these ailments. Perhaps in the future, chemical drugs will get better, but for now people who suffer from mental illness should not be afraid to use what is available. And their relatives should be supportive and encouraging. 

Once again, I am not promoting drugs. I am simply teaching responsible and beneficial way to use them. If you may have a problem with addiction, this advice may not be for you. However, addiction from organic drugs is very mild and can be very easily dealt with and tolerated. So consider all these facts before denying yourself or someone you know this valuable medicine.

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