Sunday, April 10, 2016

Exclusive Material: Is the Equinox the key?

I was re-reading arguments for and against Lunar Shabbat and I found an interesting fact. 

It appears that barley is never aviv before the equinox. This is so obvious, I do not know how I could not see it before.

Basically, plants have two stages, roughly speaking. Vegetative state is when the plant grows and flowering stage when the plant ripens. Plant switches between these stages based on the amount of sunlight it gets. To flower, plant needs 12 OR MORE HOURS of Sunlight. This is precisely what happens at equinox. Plants switch from vegetative state to flowering state. So aviv can't possibly ever happen before equinox.

If you are progressive as me, you would know what 12/12 and 18/6 cycles are...;) Well... it is the same thing. 12/12 - is equinox and 18/6 or 6/18 is solstice.

This means that THE 1ST New Moon RIGHT AFTER EQUINOX is the 1st day of the 1st Month.

Please note that I do not connect begining of the month with the equinox itself. I just say that equinox is the determining factor as opposed to barely sighting, because we only commanded to use Sun and Moon and NEVER barley. Ripening of barley is A SECONDARY CHECK. But we use major astronomical event (spring equinox) to determine the beginning of New Year. 

Just like Counting of Omer is not connected to summer solstice directly and just happens around this time, so is the beginning of the New Year is not connected to the equinox but only happens around this time.

This makes perfect sense to me. This way we are not worshiping the Sun or Moon and we do not need to check barley in Canaan. 

I think this is correct answer to this question.

P.S. Click here for some reliable information. According to this, barley harvest starts in Canaan at the end of April - beginning of May. Here is the quote:
"Both[wheat and barley] are sown as a rule, in November and the harvest starts around the end of April - the beginning of May. As stated, this year the first wheat and barley have been harvested not before mid of May in the Jordan Valley."
The reason stated is such:
Today we have to wait with the harvest until the grain is entirely dry which means a moisture content of 12-13% only. Otherwise the mechanical harvester does not perform a clean threshing and the grain cannot be stored without further drying. In the ancient times and even to-day with primitive methods the barley and wheat were harvested with a sickle and left on the land in sheaves for further drying. Therefor the crop could be harvested a couple of weeks earlier even if the barley would have been harvested with 20% moisture content. 
So, as you can see, my assumption are correct.

P.S. It can't be Equilux, because it is different for different locations. And we count from the New Moon, not 15th of the month(Full Moon) because ripening happens when cycle is 12/12 or more.

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