Friday, April 1, 2016

Sure proof way to stop drinking - How to quit drinking alcohol for good?

To quit drinking alcohol for good you need to replace it with poppy pod tea. This will help you not to drink and satisfy your urges to drink.

My good friend Swim was drinking for 20 years. 4 of them very heavily (12pack/day). Swim thought that the end was close and he was going to die soon.

Fortunately, Swim remembered about natural remedy called Opium Poppy, so he decided to try it as the last resort.

It worked like a charm. Swim quit in one day and never drank again. He has been sober for a very long time now.

No, this is not replacing one drug with another. Genesis 1:29 is very clear that Opium Poppy is FOOD, not even medicine - FOOD !!! Why we made FOOD ILLEGAL ??? We denying people like Swim their life-saving FOOD !!! We starving people to death or addiction!!!

Organic drugs that are mentioned in Genesis 1:29 are absolutely safe. It is impossible to overdose and die from them. They do not damage one's health. E.t.c.

So, if you know any alcoholics who are struggling, Swim asked me to post this information so you may forward it to those who may need it. It is absolutely safe and 100% effective.

Of'course, remember not to abuse the Poppy Pod tea, and NEVER MIX IT WITH ALCOHOL or anything else!!!

Drink Poppy Pod tea instead of booze. This will save your life!!!

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