Monday, April 4, 2016

This is not the army!

One wrong concept that traditional Judaism(or any other religion for this matter) teaches, that everyone should observe the Torah the same way: dress the same, pray the same, e.t.c.

This is, of course, is where religion fails. Written Torah DOES NOT command that and assumes different position on this matter.

Sure, it would be great if we all acted like one. This would be a perfect unity. Unfortunately, it is simply impossible due to human factor.

Secondly, Written Torah speaks about 13 tribes, which means there are at least 13 ways to observe the Torah.

For example, Levitical tribe was commanded to do the slaughters and work in the Tabernacle. Other tribes were not commanded that, they were commanded to bring the slaughters. So as you can see, each tribe here had a different function, yet both tribes in this example were righteous before God and did not violate any of the Written Torah, even though the rituals were different.

So is with the other tribes. Each tribe was observing some things from the Written Torah as they saw fit.

Do not get me wrong. Some things were the same for everyone, like the Shabbat or Yom Kippur for example. However, minor things and traditional things were allowed to be different. 

If you look at the blessings of Jacob(Gen 49) and Moses(Deut 33), you will see that each tribe lived differently and was commanded to do different things. 

This means that Torah support individuality to a certain, reasonable extent and does not assume that we should be like in the army: dress all the same, talk all the same, e.t.c

So, if you feel like that traditional clothing is not for you, do not be afraid and change it. Torah does not mind at all. Or, if you want to use different colors (except blue) for your tefillin, you can also do so.

I hope now you understand that Written Torah is different from any possible religion and allows each person to express his individuality(to a certain degree) as he chooses.

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