Friday, April 1, 2016

Written Torah Statistics

Here is the 120 most common words in the Masoretic Text of the Written Torah (Jewish Torah). Some of you have seen this picture already. I am just reposting it on here so other people can share it too.
120 most common words in Masoretic Text of the Written Torah
As you can see, the most common word in the Written Torah is the name of our God, Yahuah. Israel and Moses and Mizraim are also quite common in the text.

Here is the original page of this image, which shows complete Written Torah statistics for MT and SP. Please visit this page and see for yourself.

Please note, that current traditional opinion that Written Torah is the same as other Torahs and was transmitted without an error is a myth. It is absolutely not true. 

The only things that match between the MT scrolls is the number of words (if even that). Otherwise, number of letters is different between any two MT scrolls. Sometimes, there are significant differences between the scrolls as well. And of course, Samaritan Pentateuch is very different from manuscript to manuscript and from any given MT scrolls. Once again, visite the above page and see for yourself. You can also download the files with Torah text and compare yourself. You can easily do it with Excel/Calc or SQL.

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