Saturday, June 18, 2016

Traffic lights analogy

I just wanted to share with you one analogy that I find very graphic and simple to explain the message of the Torah about serving One God and having One Law for everyone.

As you know, we are more or less advanced civilization, so we are using cars. Obviously we needed the way to control them on the streets, so the traffic light was invented. Here is the image :)

As you can see, modern traffic light has three signals. Red - Stop, Yellow-Slow, Green - Go. Very simple, very intuitive. FYI, the reason why such colors were chosen was because they are natural to humans. Red always means danger, yellow always means warning and green always means - Ok, good.

So here is the analogy.... Why no one is questioning traffic lights? Why no one is questioning the existence of traffic lights? Why no one is questioning colors of the traffic light or what to do on each of the signals...!?? Why there are no different groups of people that promote different traffic lights???

The answer is obvious. If we would do all this, cars would stop on the streets because there would be so much confusion and accidents that traffic would have to stop completely.

So, why we do the same with God and His Law??? Written Torah is very specific that there is only One God and One Law (Written Torah). So those who do not accept this are absolutely wrong and misleading people. Only in unity we can prosper. Freedom of religion is a myth! It only creates confusion, which is ironically called Babylon in Hebrew ;) Remember what happened there?!? ;)

Anyway, I hope now you can see that there is only One God -Yahuah, and only One Law of God - His Written Torah.

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