Thursday, June 23, 2016

Why people do not care to celebrate birthday on the correct day?

Why people do not care to celebrate birthday on the correct day? This is a great question!!!

All of you, ask yourself, why do you observe your birthday on the WRONG DAY ??? Did you know that? Were you aware of this?

As I thoroughly explained in my Calendar article, the ONLY correct way to observe your birthday is if it is in sync with the Sun and the Moon. This is not because Torah says so, not because Hebrews use Lunar Calendar, but because Sun-Moon is our observational frame of reference and it is the only scientifically correct way to tell time on Earth!!!

So, for example, if my birthday is 08-02-1982, this year it is going it be on 08-16-1982 according to the correct calendar. As you can see, almost 2 week difference. Only on the 16th, the Sun and the Moon will be at the same position they were when I was born. This is logic and reason, people.

By observing my brithday on the 16th, I get a chance to see exactly how Universe looked like, because Sun, Moon and the stars are at the same place. This is a bir-thday gift from God to all of us, once a year to witness the Universe as it were on the day YOU were born. 

So ask yourself, when are you going to observe your birthday on the correct day? Are you going to change anything or you just going to stick with what you used to? Do you care or not? Is the truth more important to you than tradition or some society rules? How long are you going to celebrate your birthday the ways some idiot set up hundreds of years ago? 

Ask yourself all these questions and maybe you will understand why so few people follow Written Torah !!!

And also know this. Change starts with you!!! I gave you the correct information, the rest is up to you!

The sooner all of you will start observing your birthday on the correct day, the sooner you are going to do other things that Written Torah talks about. If none of you going to change your ways, NOTHING WILL CHANGE !!! PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS MADNESS !!! Start by observing your birthday on the correct day!!

Here is the Tutorial I wrote to help you determine your correct birthday. And my article above has the correct calendar.

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