Thursday, July 7, 2016

How to easily determine Hebrew New Year? How to determine Abib?

Hebrew New Year or the Month of Abib are determined by the spring equinox. Month of Abib falls RIGHT AFTER spring equinox.

So, to determine Hebrew New Year for any given year, we will need this equinox table and this phases of the moon calculator.
  1. As you can see, according from the first table, the Spring Equinox happens on 03/20/2016 @ 04:31.
  2. From the second calculator, we deduce that New Moon on 04/08/2016 is our month of Abib or our first month of the Hebrew year. This is because, the first New Moon RIGHT AFTER Spring Equinox of the month of Abib, happens on 04/08/2016.
I hope now you can see, how easy it is to determine the beginning of the months (Abib) 

God as the Sun Analogy

This is not my idea. I believe I've read it somewhere in the Jewish tradition texts. But because it is so simple and understandable, I wanted to share it with you.

How long can you look directly at the Sun, without going blind? 2-3 seconds? I thought so.

But now, imagine God as the star of infinite size and properties. How much more brighter such star would shine? If you could look at the Sun for only 2 seconds and it already hurts, how much more would it hurt if one to look upon God.

My point is that it is impossible to look at God (more specifically His face) because it would be so bright and it would be so perfect that after seeing it, you would probably die from separation from such perfection.

So remember, how minuscule are we in the Creation. Only by working together, we can accomplish anything we want. This is why I would like to ask everyone to live their lives according to the Written Torah.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Believing in God vs. Knowing and Understanding God

I wanted to explain to you all how I perceive God.

I do not consider myself religious, because being religious requires one to have a belief or faith of some kind. This, while admirable, also very dangerous as it is pretty much blind faith. This is not the case with me.

When people ask me, "do you believe in God", I tell them - NO. I do not BELIEVE in God.

Instead, I tell them that I KNOW and UNDERSTAND GOD. This is a completely different approach toward this whole God issue.

For me, God is not the matter of faith - it is the matter of reason, logic and common sense. This means that I know and understand God. Why would I believe in it? I already know that it is the truth.

Here is a good analogy: "Do you believe in mathematics or physics?" or "Do you understand and know mathematics and physics?" Do you see the difference now?

So while I can say that I believe in God, I would rather say that I KNOW and UNDERSTAND God. It is not an issue of faith for me anymore. I do not need faith to know and understand!!

About King David's lineage

The book of Ruth is one of many books in NK that barely makes it in terms of Torah compliance.

Story does make sense, however I do have one question: Was Ruth, great-grandmother of David a virgin when Chilion took her? If you remember, we are prohibited to intermarry with Moabites 
(Deuteronomy 23:3-6). The only Moabites that Hebrews could marry were the Moabites virgins (Numbers 31:18)

But the Book of Ruth does not say a word about Ruth's virginity as, say, Torah does in Genesis 24:16, so it is possible to assume that she was not. This would make the King David illegitimate according to the Laws of the Torah.

So as you can see, books of NK have many flaws and inconsistencies in the narrative, that explicitly contradict the Written Torah. So be aware of this.

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