Thursday, July 7, 2016

God as the Sun Analogy

This is not my idea. I believe I've read it somewhere in the Jewish tradition texts. But because it is so simple and understandable, I wanted to share it with you.

How long can you look directly at the Sun, without going blind? 2-3 seconds? I thought so.

But now, imagine God as the star of infinite size and properties. How much more brighter such star would shine? If you could look at the Sun for only 2 seconds and it already hurts, how much more would it hurt if one to look upon God.

My point is that it is impossible to look at God (more specifically His face) because it would be so bright and it would be so perfect that after seeing it, you would probably die from separation from such perfection.

So remember, how minuscule are we in the Creation. Only by working together, we can accomplish anything we want. This is why I would like to ask everyone to live their lives according to the Written Torah.

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