Saturday, December 31, 2016

I am observing the moon

So I've decided to start tracking the moon for year. I want to see what can be directly observed by just looking at the moon. I tried to make sense of the calendar by using charts and tables but I couldn't figure anything out. I guess I am not smart enough to figure out the formula for the calendar. This is why direct observations is the only sure-proof method for me to make sense of the calendar.

I invite you to join me and report your moon sightings in comments below.

I also mark observed moons on my Google Calendar below. Shabbats marked with the word "Observed" means that I saw the moon the morning or evening before. Moons that I did not see I marked with the words "Not Observed". This is due to my location and also clouds sometimes.

We are, of'course, interested only in primary phases of the moon. Namely, New Moon, Half-Moon, Full Moon, another Half-Moon and the Old Moon.

In my observations, I rely only on three most visible phases: Half Moons and Full Moon. I try to catch the New and Old Moon if I can but so far I've been unsuccessful, again, due to my crappy location.

I will be doing the observations roughly until March 2018, so get comfortable... it is going to take a while.

Here is the calendar:

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