Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A note on Urim and Thummim

I wanted to touch on a very obscure subject of two Priestly Garments parts, namely Urim and Thummim. These were to be placed "into" the Breastplate of Judgement (with 12 stones) to get "judgement of lights" from it.

Anyway, I was thinking how to translate and understand these two words...

One idea that I had is such...Mizraim was very technologically advanced at the time of Exodus, so were the Hebrews. This means that they had at least electricity by that time... If we think about the Breastplate of Judgement as some sort of device that "lights up" the stones in the breastplate, we can then translate Urim as "light bulbs" and "Thummim" as "electric circuits".

This would mean that Urim and Thummim was an electronic device, which would light up the stones based on what the "Thummim" or its "circuits" intended to detect. Since the Breastplate was used to ask the "Judgement of lights", this means that the appropriate "Ur" or "a light bulb" would light up the appropriate stone on the Breastplate when it was asked by the High Priest.

Design of this device was obviously shown to Moses when He talked to God (Exodus 25:9).

P.S. It is possible that the "circuits" means the best possible hardware randomizer that would light the "lights" on the Breastplate. Breastplate of Judgement with 12 stones was used to determine the tribe for a specific reason, which is why I believe it might have been a randomizer.

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