Sunday, January 29, 2017

About pornography

There are two issues with pornography from the Torah perspective. Let's examine both of them.

First issue is the issue of the media on which pornography is recorded. What Torah allows and what it does not allow? 

Well, obviously any physical carving or molten image would be prohibited because it would be considered an idol. Paper or computer pornography would be ok. 

In fact, modern media raises a very interesting question of how to deal with sexually deviant pornography? As far as I understand, pixels on the screen are not considered idols by the Torah, therefore, any type of computer pornography is allowed.

So the second issue as you can guess would be what to do with sexually deviant pornography? Does Torah allow it or not?

Once again, Torah seem to allow all type of computer pornography, meaning that even sexually deviant pornography should be allowed to exist. This is closer to the media and freedom of information question, rather than pornography question.

At the same time, sexually deviant pornographic acts may be misunderstood by some people as a call to action, therefore, sexually deviant pornography should have limited access. Say - by age, or perhaps what is more effective - by justified need.

And just to quickly define what is sexually deviant pornography...Well, homosexual pornography, child pornography, adultery and promiscuity. So, afaik, this would limit Torah-allowed pornography only to the sex between married couples and only to the traditionally dressed actors in terms of sexual orientation and movie story line. 

This is what I think about this issue. What about you?

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