Sunday, January 29, 2017

Breastfeeding and menstruation issues

Here is an issue that I was thinking about for quite some time... What about newborns and infants in general?

As we know from the Torah, a woman returns to her regular period after the "cleansing blood flow" period(Leviticus 12:4-5)

However, as we know from the Torah, anything that menstruating woman touches becomes unclean. Does this apply to the child she is breastfeeding? I think it does. I think it makes the child unclean. I think Torah implies that. I.e Lev 7:21, Lev 13:44-45, etc.

This means that before a clean father or anyone else clean can handle a newborn who is still being breastfed, the newborn probably needs to be washed and his clothes changed.

I think, during the breastfeeding, a child should be separated with his mother, because they both would be unclean due to the mother's period and because there is a high chance of spreading this uncleanness through touching of the newborn.

This is basically the issue in a nutshell. What do you think?

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