Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Foreskin Evolution

I was thinking that foreskin is the only thing on human body that can be cut off without mutilation. This reminds me of the way evolution works and leads me to conclusion that absence of foreskin is the next step in human evolution on this planet.

Yes, we are born with the foreskin, but just like our evolutionary ancestors, we are shredding this useless part like a lizard shedding its tale. Why is it useless?...well..it leads to sexual perversion which is antagonistic to life, which is why life is shedding it.

Once again, we are born with the foreskin, which means that evolution is not yet ready to completely let go of this part of the body. However, evolution shows that smart people choose to do it to themselves and their children, meaning that evolution favors such path. This is what I call "soft evolution", where evolution happens through our heads (not through birth).

Perhaps, one day, all humans will be born without foreskin. Such cases are actually documented already. However, at this point it remains a matter of choice. We can choose to evolve and loose the foreskin, or we can choose to devolve and keep it. 

The choice is obvious to me. What about you?

P.S. Torah never contradicts scientific observations, therefore, all postulates of theory of evolution that can be scientifically confirmed are perfectly in line with the Torah.

P.P.S. Circumcision is also a sign of the covenant between God and the Hebrews(Genesis 17:9-14), so all Hebrews must be circumcised if they want to be called Hebrews and if they want a part of their inheritance outlined in the Torah.

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