Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What is the Psychoactive Information?

As the expert on Torah and computers, I enjoy seeing both human and machine world. One thing I wanted to discuss today is the Psychoactive information. This is the term that I use to describe any information that transfers extreme degree of human emotion and energy, so that it affects anyone receiving it in profound ways. 

Why I want to talk about it? Simple...We all use internet so we encounter Psychoactive Information on a daily basis. Some of you may not even realize it...

So what is the Psychoactive Information or Psychoactive Material?

Like I said above, the main difference between Psychoactive Information and regular Information is the degree of human emotion and energy being transferred. For example, Torah is one of the very good examples of Psychoactive Material or Information, because Torah has affected almost everyone who has read it and 95% of the world believes in some or all parts of the Torah.

So books, music, videos and now VR, AR, MR etc are all examples of media that can transfer Psychoactive Information or Material.

Psychoactive Material can be positive and negative (good or bad basically).

The most extreme version of negative Psychoactive Material would be a video of murder, although now it would probably be VR or AR of murder. This would be the most extreme material that I can think of. It is well documented that people who work with such materials on daily basis (i.e LEOs) can get very real PTSD and other mental damage.

So remember, while all computer media is not real (just pixels on the screen), its content can have very real power over you. So please be very careful with negative Psychoactive Information.

Of'course, this does not mean you can't enjoy positive Psychoactive Material like Torah or beautiful concert. Positive Psychoactive Information causes only positive changes so feel free to get as much as you desire.

It is interesting to note that the more advanced technology becomes, the more powerful Psychoactive Information becomes. This applies to both positive and negative Psychoactive Information. One thing is to see something on a small crappy TV and another thing to see a full-blown VR or AR. While this is a great news for positive Psychoactive Information, this is rather bad news in terms of negative one because it will also be more powerful.

You have power over sin (Genesis 4:7), therefore you have a power over negative Psychoactive Information, so do not let it get to you. It can't affect you if you will choose so. 

Instead, try to absorb as much as possible of positive Psychoactive Information which will heal and elevate your soul. 

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