Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why story of Moses?

Torah is a manual to life. It is the law for humans to live by and therefore it must reflect humanity in the most precise and undistorted way. 

Torah was written by God for humans, therefore it is not just a bunch of laws but rather an intricate story that explains all nuances of human psyche and behavior.

Of'course, the central figure of the Torah is Moses, because God has chosen him to deliver His Law to the Hebrew people.

Story of Moses is special in many different ways and it is very important to the Torah narrative. 

However, one often overlooked detail is that Moses, as the greatest prophet who ever lived, reflected all positive and negative qualities of the human beings. This means that anyone would behave the same way in Moses's shoes. Imho, Moses's was so close to God that he was actually living the Law, he was acting the law out. Moses, in a way, did not have a choice in his life after God had chosen him to lead the Hebrew nation. Moses couldn't have not brought Hebrews out of Egypt, Moses couldn't have not split the Sea, Moses couldn't have not build the Tabernacle etc. 

Human essence and nature is summarized by the story of Moses, which what makes it so great and profound. This is why the Torah is the word of God, because the story of Moses is true. In fact, the story of Moses is such the fundamental truth that it can't be denied by any rational and logical person who have read the Torah. 

I believe in the story of Moses because it is real life in its glory, in its good and bad at the same time. In a way, Moses is fighting his evil self in the Torah. Moses goes through the inner struggle that is reflected as an outer struggle of the Hebrew nation.

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