Tuesday, January 24, 2017

WhyTorah is not just a bunch of commandments?

We are not robots! Or a military or any other type of purely organized structure. 

We are human and therefore we represent the entire tapestry of all possible expressions of this condition.

Yes, some of the commandments do sound like they were written for robots or computers, like "thou shall not murder", but this is only because such strict representation was necessary to transfer the importance and critical nature of this commandment.

Otherwise, Torah is the whole story. From Genesis to Deuteronomy. All parts of the Torah are equally important and convey a lot of important facts and information.

We were created in the image of God, therefore we need a story just like God. Torah represents such a story.

It is interesting to note that of all the people who ever lived, Torah chose Moses's life. This is because had any of us been put in Moses's shoes, he would behave exactly as Moses. This is the human condition and the essence of human nature. In other words, Moses's life reflects the best in humans, which is why we need to try to live according to the Written Torah, just like Moses have.

So do not discount the Book of Genesis (Bereshit) as some unimportant tradition. This is extremely important part of the Torah that helps to explain the whole thing.

Also, do not think about commandments in absolute terms. Simply try to do your best to keep the commandment, the best way you can. God does not expect perfection, He expects the effort.

So remember, we are not robots. We are human and Torah should be interpreted as written for such.

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