Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Capitalization in Bible Translations Affects Our Thinking

Translations of the Hebrew will often capitalize words they presume are referring to God or to a messiah according to their beliefs, but these capitals are not present in the Hebrew text. Even if we are aware of this issue, we are being primed to think about it according to their opinion.

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[Aleksandr Sigalov]: Even in the original Hebrew, Torah is inconsistent with the use of articles. For example, sometimes it says "God" and sometimes it says "the God" without any good reason. This is due to the scribal mistakes and intentional changes of the text. So be very careful even with the original Hebrew text because it can mislead you.

In Russian language we do not have the article "the", therefore I capitalized all words preceded by the article in my translation. This way, different language automatically helps me to recover the original meaning of the text, this is why it is very beneficial to read Torah in other languages as well.

In Genesis 15:6 I believe traditional translation is correct, because there was similar incident with Moses (Num 20) who did not believe God and He counted it to him for unrighteousness and did not let him into the Land of Canaan.

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