Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Exclusive Material: How long did Noah travel in the Ark?

I've discussed this in my previous post, however I've realized something that may resolve this issue.

As you know from Genesis 7:11, 8:3-4, Noah traveled in the ark for exactly 150 days. Current observation of the moon obviously do not support this number. So, what are we to make of this? Is Torah incorrect? 

Of'course not! Torah is, as usual, correct. I think the reason why we can't have the 150 days count today is described in the Torah. Let's take a look:
YLT Gn 10:25 And to Eber have two sons been born; the name of the one is Peleg (for in his days hath the earth been divided,) and his brother's name is Joktan.
For some reason, I thought before that Peleg was born before Noah, which is why I did not connect the Flood and Division of the Earth at first. But now I think it makes sense to me.

If you think about it, originally the Moon cycle was exactly 30 days. In the days of Noah. The Flood did not affect the earth right away. It happened gradually, up until the time Peleg was born and continents of the Earth split. Please see this post for additional details. 

It seems that that continent split due to Flood very well might have affected the rotation of the Earth and/or the Moon, thus speeding up Moon cycle to 29.5 days from 30 days even.

I can even prove this experimentally... Imagine Pangea as a weight on a rotating sphere (the Earth). Since the weight is only on one side of the rotating sphere, the sphere wobbles, meaning that the sphere turns slower. Once the weight is redistributed evenly over the rotating sphere, the wobbling disappears and the sphere starts turning faster. Therefore, the Moon orbiting our rotating sphere would have a reduced monthly cycle of 29.5 days instead of 30 days originally.

I think this makes perfect sense and fits very well into my theory about the calendar. From the post mentioned in the beginning, the current count for Noah's journey is 148 days. I will double check it this year and report if it is accurate. Please see my calendar for more information.

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