Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Exclusive Material: Should we wait for Messiah and Messianic age?

This is the most horrible lie of Judaism, no matter which sect you take..Rabbinic, Karaite, Samaritan...

Here is why...

Messiah properly means "the anointed one". The only messiah that Written Torah speaks of is Aaron, the High Priest. Messiah, Aaron, was anointed by a prophet - Moses (i.e Exodus 28:41). What does this mean?

It means that in the end of days there will be a nation (Egypt or Mizraim) that will enslave Hebrews and the man like Moses, who is a prophet, will come and redeem Hebrews from slavery. This is the only possible messianic scenario. This is what Written Torah talks about. 

So when you thinking about Messianic age, forget all the fairy tales you have heard and remember Exodus.

Why this is important? Because if you will read Written Torah carefully, you will see that ALL but 4 Hebrews who left Mizraim perished in the desert due to their corruption and disobedience of God!
This means that over 600000 men have perished in 40 years of wandering! God said Himself in Numbers 32:9-13, Deuteronomy 1:34-40 that He will destroy "this evil generation" or generation of Mizraim or Messianic generation!

So when you hear rabbis lying to you about Messiah and Messianic age, remember that they want another Holocaust! They want messiah because they do not want to do anything themselves! THEY WANT MESSIAH BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TO TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS! They want someone to come and do all the dirty work for them! This is not how it works and there is HUGE price to pay for witnessing the Messiah and Messianic age!

So I hope that Messiah NEVER COMES !!! I hope we, Jews, will be smart enough to recognize what we have done and what is waiting for us if we do not return to God and His Written Torah !!!

Therefore, if you do not want another Holocaust that will be sanctioned by God Himself, DO NOT WAIT FOR MESSIAH !!! RETURN TO THE WRITTEN TORAH AND GOD !!! ABANDON EVERYTHING YOU KNOW AND CONCENTRATE ONLY ON THE WRITTEN TORAH !!!

Messiah and Messianic age means Holocaust for us, so WE MUST NOT LET IT HAPPEN!

P.S. Honestly, the situation with Jews and Judaism is so dire that I am not sure that anything can be done... I do my best but I am just one person. However, I hope that my efforts, no matter how small, will help to return my brothers back to God and Written Torah. Evil thrives only when good men are silent. So you can help me by sharing and spreading information presented on this blog. Share buttons are on the left (top on mobile).

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