Friday, February 24, 2017

New Audio recordings of the Torah and the Calendar!

Just wanted to direct your attention to the links I have posted on the right sidebar and on the "What is Written Torah?" page and on "Correct Hebrew Calendar" page and my MLT project.

Three recordings as well as special universal player are available.

First recording is the Masoretic Text of the Written Torah in English and Russian. English version is CLV translation and Russian version is ROC translation. However, I replaced the Name of God with the correct one - Yahuah. In English version you will also hear "Elohim" as well.

Second recording is that of my Modern Literal Torah translation, book of Genesis. Now you can listen to my translation in English and Russian.

Third recording is that of my Correct Hebrew Calendar article. Calendar article is pretty long, so I figured an audio recording of the Calendar would help to digest the information presented there more easily.

All these recordings were created by the computer. Sorry I could not read this all myself - this would be a tremendous task. Thank God, modern Text to speech software is pretty good so the recordings came out well.

Downloads are available as well through indicated links.

We are required to listen to the Entire Written Torah before the Shabbat year on Sukkot (Deuteronomy 31:10-13). However, what I personally do is listen to the entire recording of the Written Torah (sometimes twice) on Yom Kippur. This helps me to know the text better, helps me to refresh my memory and also helps me spend the time on Yom Kippur.

Anyway, listen and enjoy!

P.S. Copyright is mine but you are welcome to use it without my permission for noncommercial or educational or personal use.

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