Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Two tips to help with Torah calendar interpretation

Here are two helpful tips to remember to help you interpret the Torah when it comes to the Calendar and the Holy days.
  1. Every Holy Meeting is the Shabbat. And every Shabbat is a Holy Meeting.
  2. Even though a week is exactly 7 days, there are 8 days between Shabbat and Shabbat. So in some cases the word "week" should be understood to be referring to the 8 day period and not 7 day period. The only time when the week was 7 days was at the Creation Week, since there was nothing (no Shabbat) before the 1st day.
And here is the bonus tip: expression Holy Meeting (miqra qodesh) = expression Shabbat Shabbaton = expression Shabbat when it comes to Holy Meetings. 

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