Wednesday, March 15, 2017

1000000 page views and counting :)

Dear readers,

Finally, I got to hit 1 million page views mark! Thanks to you! Keep up the good work! I need your viewership and support!

This is very exciting and I am very proud of this accomplishment and grateful to God for letting me spread His word!

Here is some statistics for the lifetime (7.5 years) of my blog:

Page Views: 1000000
Unique Visitors: 350000
Posts: ~700
Comments: 470
Each unique user reads ~3 pages per visit.

YouTube Views: 275000
Videos 31
YouTube Watch time: 265 days
Subscribers: 300
Comments: 140
Likes 527 
Dislikes: 60

Help me get to the 2 million mark faster by subscribing, liking or sharing my blog posts and media. Share buttons are on the left on desktop and top on mobile. This is very important to me and I would really appreciate any help that I can get.

If you like, you can travel back in time to 2009 and see what my blog looked like back then. Here is the link.

Another way to contribute is to donate. Any amount is appreciated and goes directly to support this blog and materials presented here. Please help me as the cost of advertising in particular is very high.

Also, if you read this blog all the time, please say hi in the comments below. I want to know my most loyal readers. Do not be shy :)

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