Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A few speculations about the Roof of the Tabernacle

One of a few remaining questions about the Tabernacle has been really bothering me lately, so I wanted to look into the possible answers to it.

The question that I am wondering about is the Tabernacle Roof. 

As you can see from the picture above, if we follow the description of the Tabernacle in the Torah, the Tabernacle Roof would appear to have depressions due to the weight of the Coverings.

In other words, if it would rain, the water would accumulate in these depressions and probably would even seep inside the Tent. This is of'course is unacceptable.

So how this problem can be solved?

First speculation that I have is that the description is missing this part. The Text of the Torah is most certainly corrupted so it is a good possibility that the part that covers the Roof is missing. The text of MT, SP and DSS is identical, which means that this information was lost prior to the 2nd Temple period.

Second speculation that I have is perhaps it IS NOT an issue at all. Here is what the text says:
YLT Ex 40:34 And the cloud covereth the tent of meeting, and the honour of Jehovah hath filled the tabernacle; 
YLT Ex 40:35 and Moses hath not been able to go in unto the tent of meeting, for the cloud hath tabernacled on it, and the honour of Jehovah hath filled the tabernacle.
As you can see from these verses, the Glory of Yahuah covered the Tent, so even Moses could not enter it. Perhaps this can be used to justify the depressions on the roof of the Tent. Perhaps the Glory of God, which appeared as a pillar of smoke or fire over the Tabernacle, prevented any weather elements from getting on top of the Tent. So perhaps the rain would not reach the top of the Tent due to the presence of God's Glory (pillar of smoke/fire).

This would be the only two possible explanations that I can come up with at the moment.

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