Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A look inside the Orthodox Yeshivas and Kollels

Check out this post on this blog. It provides the most up-to-date information about the state of (Ultra)Orthodox Judaism in Israel. In US the situation is no better. Here is the main quote that answers the question if (Ultra)Orthodox Jews study the Torah?
"the majority of the men aren't really learning anyway. They're busy helping their wives who are working, they're taking their kids to school, they're going shopping, etc. They come to the Beis Ha-Medrash late, and spent a good part of their time batteling. What little "learning" they actually do is the same old regurgitation of bits and pieces of bavli, the same thing they've been doing their entire life, over and over. Even the better ones, a small percentage, are just doing the same yoreh deah stuff as everyone else, maybe some Choshen Mishpat of questionable value. Few great landmark Torah projects are emerging from any of these places."
As you can see from the quote above, all that (Ultra)Orthodox Jews do is study Talmud - a hateful book. Most of them never even read the Torah (maybe when they were children), let alone study it. And this happens even in the elite Yeshivas, so one can only imagine what kind of "Torah scholars" they produce. As you can see, the situation is extremely bad and sad. 

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