Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Aliens have the Torah too!

At least those living on planets with one Sun and one Moon like ours.

Here is the deal basically...

The Written Torah is a fundamental truth. It is so fundamental that it transcends the entire universe, meaning that other intelligent life forms must have it and follow it as we do.

First of all, which planets are most likely to harbor life? Like I said in the beginning of the post, any planet that is located in a singular Solar system like ours, in the habitable (goldilocks) zone with 1 moon like ours, would be suited for life.

This means that such planet need to be exactly or proportionally similar to our.

As we know from the Torah, the candidate planet must have 360-365.25 days Solar Cycle and 29.5-30 days Lunar Cycle. The candidate planet must have the same degree of tilt and all that stuff.

Secondly, the most advanced intelligent life form will be humanoid like us. There is absolutely no reason to believe that intelligent aliens would be some weird creatures with 10 eyes and 5, they are human like us.

Last, but not least, since the planet is similar and the life forms are similar, it stands to reason that all most advanced intelligent life in the universe has the Torah that we have. Torah laws are fundamental, so even aliens would understand the meaning and importance of "thou shall not murder". This commandment is the best example of the transcendence of the Torah. So if there are aliens, they live according to the Written Torah as well. At least some of them.

The one alien type that we are aware of are the Sons of God (Nephilim). They are most certainly aware of the Torah and they most certainly follow the Torah since they are Sons of God Himself.

So, as you can see, entire Universe is aware of the Torah as we know it. The Torah transcends everything all the way to God. So it stands to reason that all advanced alien civilizations and Sons of God are aware of and following the Torah as well.

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