Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How does Torah define lineage?

There are two components to the way the Torah defines lineage:
  1. Blood
  2. Patrilineal descent
In order to be considered Hebrew, one has to have the blood of the Hebrew. And your lineage is most certainly defined by the father's blood, not mother's blood like rabbis wrongly teach.

So it is the blood of the Father or, as Torah puts it - "the House of the Father" (i.e Numbers 1:2).

The reason why blood is a requirement to be considered Hebrew is because of the Land Inheritance given to us by God. So Torah DOES NOT allow converts. One can sojourn(Exodus 12:48-49) or even be a part of congregation (Deut 23:7-8) but the only way to get Land Inheritance would be to prove that you have Hebrew blood. If Torah allowed converts, eventually the whole world would want to convert and there simply would be no space in Canaan for everyone to live.

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