Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Passover Full Moon 04/10/2017

I took these pictures on 04/10/2017 after sunset @ 10PM PDT. As you can see, the moon is a perfect circle and 100% full. At the right top of the first picture you can even see a planet.

This was Passover moon so this picture was taken about time when the Passover Lamb would be almost ready to eat (Passover Seder), as the Lamb would be slaughtered between the evenings (at twilight) and it would take and hour or two to roast it whole over the fire. So the Seder would happen a few hours after sunset. If you remember from the Torah, the המשחית (ruiner) would strike at around midnight through all the doors that are not covered in blood, to smite the Mizri, so by the midnight we should be ready to leave and therefore the Seder should be over by that time.

One other thing to remember that Passover Night is the Night of Watching or Guarding when we stay up all night waiting and watching for God to pass us over, hence the name of the holiday -Passover.

And here is a better, centered, picture of the full Passover moon so that you can clearly see the perfect circle that is only visible at the Shabbat eve.

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