Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Exodus and Israel's Expectations

Throughout the course of the exodus, the hearts of the Israelites repeatedly shifted. At the beginning, they were very confident that the God of Israel was going to deliver them from Pharaoh through the hand of Moses and Aaron, but as soon as things didn't go exactly as the Israelites hoped, as soon as the hard labor was put upon them, they let their violated expectations change their attitude toward Moses and Aaron and what had been revealed. This continues repeatedly throughout the exodus and the wilderness. This, in my view, is a part of stiffness of neck. We also need to be mindful of this today, because we are still human, we are still Israelites, and we still can experience stiffness of neck. We might fill-in-the-blanks regarding what we think God meant, and we may confuse that imagination we have with what God has actually revealed.

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[Aleksandr Sigalov:] This is most certainly very correct observation. Very few people realize that the generation of the Exodus (the generation of Messiah) was completely destroyed by God for its wickedness. Therefore, we MUST NOT wait for any messiah and we must return to God and His Torah BY OURSELVES !!! Only then we can avert another Holocaust and another destruction.

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