Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Toilets should be made out of metal!

Here is a very interesting practical application of Torah laws that can change the world as we know it.

The example I want to talk today is - a Toilet.

As you know, most Toilets are made of ceramic, which Torah classifies as "the vessel of earth". Since this is something that Torah talks about, let's take a look at the text to get the whole picture:
CLV Lv 6:28 Yet the earthenware vessel in which it is cooked shall be broken. And if it is cooked in a copper vessel, it will be scoured and laved in water. 
CLV Lv 11:33 Yet every earthenware vessel into the midst of which any of them should fall, all that is in its midst shall be unclean, and you shall break it.
As you can see from the verses above, there is no way to clean the earthenware vessel from uncleanness, which among other things includes human waste/excrements. 

So according to the Torah, our Toilets should be made out of metal which can be cleaned and will not stay unclean after use. So as you can see, the world that Torah describes would be different even in the bathroom. So do not try to extrapolate the meaning of the Torah by using modern social stereotypes because it is not going to work and will only mislead you.

As a side-note, all plumbing should be made out of copper since the Laver and the Altar of Burnt Offering were made out of copper. Perhaps the most preferable metal for the Toilet that would fit Torah description would be copper as well.

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