Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Treasury of the Tabernacle

Apparently, the Tabernacle had a treasury. So aside from the Ark, Aaron's Rod and a Jar of Manna, there was also a pile of Gold in the Tabernacle. Let's take a look at what the Text says: 
YLT Num 31:48 And the inspectors whom the thousands of the host hath, (heads of the thousands and heads of the hundreds), draw near unto Moses, 
YLT Num 31:49 and they say unto Moses,  'Thy servants have taken up the sum of the men of war who are with us, and not a man of us hath been missed; 
YLT Num 31:50 and we bring near Jehovah's offering, each that which he hath found, vessels of gold--chain, and bracelet, seal-ring, ear-ring, and bead--to make atonement for ourselves before Jehovah.' 
YLT Num 31:51 And Moses receiveth--Eleazar the priest also--the gold from them, every made vessel, 
YLT Num 31:52 and all the gold of the heave-offering which they have lifted up to Jehovah is sixteen thousand seven hundred and fifty shekels, from heads of the thousands, and from heads of the hundreds; 
YLT Num 31:53 (the men of the host have spoiled each for himself); 
YLT Num 31:54 and Moses taketh--Eleazar the priest also--the gold from the heads of the thousands and of the hundreds, and they bring it in unto the tent of meeting--a memorial for the sons of Israel before Jehovah.
As you can see from the underlined verse, the Gold of ransom from the war with Midianites was put inside the Tabernacle for a memorial. So basically speaking, there was a pile of Gold in the Tabernacle. Kind of like a little treasury. This interesting fact is very rarely discussed or even mentioned. 

The only thing that is not clear from the description is where this pile of Gold was located inside the Tabernacle? Most likely it was in the Holy of Holies as all other artefacts. Although it is possible that it was in the Holy Place part of the Tabernacle.

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