Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What happens at the moment of death?

Thanks to the modern technology, I can pretty much show you now what a person sees when he is about to die and cease to exist (lie with one's fathers as the Torah calls it, i.e Deut 31:16).

Essentially, our consciousness is a concentration of energy, similar to a star (i.e our Sun). When this concentration of energy gets old and unstable, it pretty much drains into one of the nearby micro black holes that pretty much surround us everywhere. We can't see them because black holes do not let the light to escape and bounce off of them, but they are most certainly there. Even right next to you, wherever you may be. Waiting for your consciousness to lose its guard so that they can suck it up.

Anyway, to put things in simple English, here is the advanced computer simulation of what happens when you fall into the black hole. Please pay attention to the last two captions in the video.

Essentially, what happens is that before you die you see INFINITELY BRIGHT LIGHT THAT SHOWS YOU THE ENTIRE CREATION, YOUR PLACE IN IT and RESULT OF YOUR ACTIONS IN LIFE ON THE CREATION. This vision concludes the existence of every living being in this universe.

Here is the video. Enjoy. Best to watch in full-screen.

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