Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What is the original Torah language?

The answer to this question would be Hebrew language but in a slightly different form as we know it.

So what is different between Torah Hebrew as we know it and the original Torah Hebrew.
  1. Script is different. Original Torah Hebrew script was probably some form of paleo-Hebrew, something similar to the Samaritan Alphabet.
  2. There are only 22 letters in the original Torah Hebrew. Modern Torah Hebrew added 5 final forms/letters to the original Alphabet.
  3. Vowels. There are no vowels in the original Torah text.
  4. Pronunciation. No one really knows the original pronunciation of all Torah Hebrew words.
So as you can see, the Written Torah Hebrew is a dead language. No one can really claim to know it because it was forgotten long time ago. 

Please note: Orthodox Jews speak classic Hebrew, which is different from the Torah Hebrew. And Israeli Jews speak a pretty much dialect of Hebrew. So as of today NO ONE KNOWS ORIGINAL TORAH HEBREW !!!

However, please note that traditional Orthodox Jewish spelling and pronunciation is more or less accurate in my opinion. So it can be used and trusted to a degree. However, always refer to the original Torah text when in doubt.

Since the original Torah was given without vowels and pronunciation guide, it stands to reason that it is possible to understand these two things from the Torah text. For example, when you pronounce the consonants of some of the Torah words, the vowels become pretty obvious. So it is most certainly possible to reconstruct original vowels and pronunciation from the text itself.

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