Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Where can we rebuild the Tabernacle?

According to the Written Torah, the Tabernacle can be located ANYWHERE because it was designed to be mobile. Our God is the Living God so He likes to travel just like humans do.

Remember that once the Tabernacle was constructed, the presence of God appeared above the Tabernacle in the form of a pillar of smoke (fire at night). Once this presence appeared, it would point out the location of "The Place" mentioned in Deuteronomy 12:5. As you can see, "The Place" location would change all the time.

This is what "The Place" expression refers to in the Written Torah. Written Torah NEVER mentions Jerusalem, Temple or Temple Mount. Can the Tabernacle stand on the Temple Mount? Yes! But if anything, it will not be there permanently. 

This is why we can rebuild the Tabernacle at the absolutely any place on Earth. And then, the presence of God will guide us to the next locations. This is how it works according to the Written Torah.

Original Tabernacle was built in the desert of Sinai so this would be one of many possible places to reconstruct it. Any other desert would probably do too.

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