Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why Jews have abandoned the Written Torah?

Written Torah prophesied through Moses that Hebrews will abandon the Written Torah. Let's take a look:
YLT Dt 31:29 for I have known that after my death ye do very corruptly, and have turned aside out of the way which I commanded you, and evil hath met you in the latter end of the days, because ye do the evil thing in the eyes of Jehovah, to make Him angry with the work of your hands.'
As you can see, Moses and God knew about what was going to happen after Moses's death and after Hebrews will enter Canaan.

The question that pops up is this: Why did this happen? Did not generation of Moses or Joshua knew better? Why Hebrews strayed away from the path of the Torah in a matter of two generations?

Well, the answer I guess would be simple...even though their leaders understood what Torah is, the majority of the people did not. So it was unavoidable that Hebrews would abandon the Torah because they got corrupted by their own success while they were observant of the Torah. After all, Hebrews were the first to apply Torah for social order and it was only the first attempt in the world to do something like this. No wonder that the first time did not work out very well.

To put it plainly, Hebrews got bored from all the greatness and glory that God brought them and they have decided to try to go back to their old ways of Mitzrayim and other nations.

Thank God, Torah also prophesies that in the end of days Hebrews will return again back to God and Torah, and like any smart people they will not make the same mistake again and there will be peace in Canaan and on Earth forever.

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